Monday, August 15, 2011

13. Which of the 7 deadly sins do you struggle with?

I don't know how you could say you only struggle with one of them.  I know I usually struggle with more than one at a time, and have struggled with them all at one point or another.  My biggest, and most often "tasted" sin is gluttony, though.  Sure, lust, sloth, etc, are all there, but gluttony rings the bell more often than not.  And the typical gluttony of food is the winner.  It's because it feels like it's the one thing I can control in this life.  I can't control my wife, kids, job, etc, but controlling my happiness of eating wins every time.  Of course, that's also why I'm back over 300 lbs.  UGH!  I'm working on it AGAIN though. Here's to hoping I can one day give up this sin and run towards the real prize of life!

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