Sunday, August 21, 2011

21. What has been your best vacation?

I don't know how I can pick just one favorite vacation?!  So, I'll pick two.

My first favorite vacation was when I graduated HS and my parents let me pick where we went for vacation that year.  They were expecting me to say Florida, California, or some place big like that.  Where did I pick?


Yeah, that's right, Chi-town!  I wanted to see my Cubs and White Sox!  I got to see so much more though.  The Navy Pier, the Museum District, the Planetarium, the Magnificent Mile, Nike Town (was and still am a big Nike fan), and so much more.  I as able to eat at Gino's East, Lowry's Steak House, and even Michael Jordan's Restaurant.  I loved getting to feel like I had control of a big situation like that, and it was awesome to get to be in my favorite cit in the world.

My other favorite vacation was when we went to Destin, FL last year.  It was our first real vacation as a family!  Avery was 12 years old...his first real vacation at 12 years old?!  We went to Iowa year after year, since we moved down to TX, but after we went last year, we realized what we were missing...MEMORIES OF OUR OWN!  I remember vacation every year, and I want our kids to have that as well.  We didn't do anything crazy while in Destin, but we just had fun doing something out of the norm, doing stuff that was fun, and doing it together.  After we got back, we decided we'd do vacations every other year...that way we can see family back in Iowa, and still do vacations.  As the year has gone by though, and after we decided to do a staycation here and see more of the Houston area, I honestly don't know when we'll go back to Iowa next.  I really miss my friends and family, but they can come see me just as much as I can go see them.  So, I guess we'll see who really wants to see the Sheldons that bad!  HA! can't have favorites if you do go!  Here's to many more memories!

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