Monday, August 15, 2011

15. What do you think stands in the way of you achieving your goals?


I couldn't just end the post there though, but that's in a nutshell, it.  I stand in the way of my dreams.  I dream of being in shape and looking in the mirror and being happy with what I look like.  I stand in the way of getting things done around the house more often.  I stand in the way of getting down and playing with the kids more.  I stand in the way of not saving money to get the new MacBook Air I want.  I stand in the way of getting rest, but not being slothful and getting up to do stuff that needs to be done.  Stuff like working out, studying for more certifications, learning more IT skills.  I stand in the way of it all.  Really, isn't that the truth in all of us?  We can say we don't have "x" or not enough "y" to get things done, but if we'd focus, I'm sure we'd all find the time, save the money, put the effort, etc, into whatever needs to get done.

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