Tuesday, August 16, 2011

16. List 10-15 things about yourself that others may not know.

1. I'm actually a very shy person around people I don't know.  Especially if they make no effort to open up as well.
2. I've never been happy with what I see in the mirror.
3. I hate that I'm bald, only because I don't have control of being able to grow out my hair and do something different from time to time.
4. I LOVE to try new foods.  Not crazy foods just to do it, but new dishes that friends make, new foods at restaurants, etc.
5. I love to try new beers!  It's like anything you really like.  Once you get to taste something, and then try other styles, it's fun to see the differences and tastes.
6. I have crazy different locations for my favorite sport teams...baseball: Chicago Cubs, football college: IOWA HAWKEYES!, football pro: Kansas City Chiefs, basketball: Orlando Magic
7. I want to learn how to code an Apple iPhone/iPad app
8. I hated growing up in Polk City, IA, but now would love to live in a small farming community...as long as I had high-speed internet in my home. ;)
9. Right now, my dream job would be to either work with the Cubs, or have a successful tech-gadget blog/show where I test new devices/gadgets that come out
10. I would love to live in a nice suburb of Chicago, so we could go see Cubs games at Wrigley, even though I do admit that I like not having to deal with snow/ice down here in Houston.
11. I wish I could make enough money at my current job, so that B could be a stay at home mom, but that will never be an option, which frustrates me, but I love where I work and what I do.
12. I wish I was more creative.
13. I love and am amazed at video games even more than I did when I was younger, because of how amazing they look nowadays. I remember playing games with "dots" on the screen that represented football players.  Now we have full-blown football players on the screen, with individualized traits, tattoos, and even the ability to see their breath when it's a cold game.  Amazing!
14. My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving, because of the food, and because I love the name "Thanksgiving" because it's one more reason to help us remember to be thankful for everything we're blessed with.
15. I love my wife more than anything in this world, and it makes my heart hurt sometimes, because I just cannot get enough of that woman.

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