Saturday, August 20, 2011

19. How do you try to slow down time?

I don't know if I could say I ever truly feel like I can slow down time when I want to.  On the days I want it to go fast, it goes slow.  On the days I want it to go slow, it goes fast.  About the only time I can ever seem to get things to at least feel like they're slow is when I'm working out or studying (ha ha ha!).  Really though, on my day off if I can get up early to watch the Today Show, Regis & Kelly, and just sit on my iPad and Twitter.  Those days I try to get some coffee going, and just enjoy the news I rarely get to sit and watch, but in a format I thoroughly enjoy (aka The Today Show and R&K).  Good times.  Other times out of the norm that I feel I can slow down time is when we can go on vacation and sit and enjoy downtime while at the beach, or sitting around the pool, or late night at a hotel.  Reading a book helps some times, but usually the time flies and it's on to the next thing.  ;)

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