Thursday, August 18, 2011

18. How do you prepare for the holidays?

Realistically, I just say "Belinda, what are we doing?"  HAHAHAHAHA!!!

It's true!  Buuuuuut...I try to help and do stuff.  I'm not a big "put stuff up and fill the house with holiday stuff" type of guy.  I am a minimalist, so I prefer a Christmas tree with typical stuff, and some lights outside, but if it were up to me, that would be about it.  I'm not for decorating the house for Halloween, Thanksgiving, etc.  I'm more of a feeler.  If it doesn't feel like the holidays outside, then it's hard to feel like doing stuff for it.  Being a midwest guy, I LOVE cool weather, and nothing feels like Halloween or Thanksgiving than cool weather, turning leaves, and football in the air.  Football will always be there in some form or fashion, but the leaves don't change much or at all down here, and the weather doesn't always get cool, so I have to deal with what I'm given.  I didn't really answer the question, but that's about what goes through my head.  I want to do whatever makes my wife happy, and so we do the decorations...we do the lights...we do all she wants to do...and we have fun!  The holidays are the best time of the year, and we're all on the same page in the end.  :)

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