Saturday, August 27, 2011

25. Who have you lost contact with over the years that you wish you could reconnect with?

Jeremy Wicks.  He was my closest friend all through High School, and for some reason, we lost contact when we went into the military.  We talk on FB, but we don't really talk, ya know?  I'd love to sit and and catch up with him over some beers some time.

Really though, I still talk to all my closest friends.  My boys Stan, Doug, Kris, and Nick are friends I talk to, not every day or week even, but ones that we can catch up in two seconds and laugh about whatever the topic is, or talk deeply about whatever is troubling us.  

My best friend though, is B, and she's always there for me whenever I need to get away.  And with Avery growing older and can watch the kids more, we can get more time together!

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