Saturday, August 27, 2011

26. Describe each child's personalities

I honestly can't say it any better than my wife did on her post:

Evan-4 years old, preschooler, thinker, constantly has to sing Justin Bieber songs, more intense than the others, silly, interested in learning, imaginative, lives for Legos.

Braden-7 years old, 2nd grader, easy going, along for the ride, loves baseball, works hard in school, quiet, loves to snuggle, good sense of humor, sensitive, big heart.

Jaelyn-10 years old, 5th grader, artistic, caring of others, animal lover, sensitive, loyal to friends, beautiful, good imagination, good student, loves drama/theater, musical

Avery-13 years old, 7th grader, natural born athlete, honor student, musical, plays trumpet, well rounded, great sense of humor, makes friends easily, likes to goof around, loves video games.

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