Sunday, August 28, 2011

28. Favorite topics to surf the web about (blog topics you read, google search, twitters you follow, etc)

1st thing I look to when I log in, in the morning, is  I gotta get my daily fix of what happened the day before and overnight.  Now that it's fantasy football season, I try to look at my major player's teams to see about any news that could affect them.  Then I check my team of the current season (Cubs, Chiefs, or Magic).

2nd thing I look at is what's going on in the news, so I check out  I know some people say it's too liberal or whatever, but I just love the format of the site, and read through the top stories, then down to the bottom section to browse through the Entertainment, Sports, and Tech section.

Next I go through my Google Reader feeds to see what else is new in Christian music news, Belinda's and other's blogs, tech blogs I follow, and then catch up on my favorite webcomics.  

After that, I do a quick peruse through Facebook, Google+, and then love to sit through Twitter to catch up on whatever the top stories are.  

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