Monday, August 29, 2011

29. Complete this sentence: In a perfect world....

I'd be 80lbs lighter, a great paying job, no bills, a maid to clean the house, plenty of time to spend with the kids and do whatever I wanted to do.  There would be world peace, everyone would feel safe all the time.  My kids would have free rides to college because of whatever they do well in whatever field they choose, and would do well and prosper in life.  Belinda and I would live to a very old age, with no pains, aches, and would be in great health until the end.  The kids would marry the loves of their lives, who would be great, upstanding people, and would have lots of kids to enjoy like we did.  It would all just be one big happy world.

Of course, the only perfect world is Heaven, so I basically just pray God feels I did well enough to make it there.

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