Wednesday, August 31, 2011

31. Things you'd like to learn more about

My wife.  She is the one person in this life that I never want to stop learning about.

Electricity and how it works.  Because of how it can kill you, I've always been scared to mess with it beyond instances where I have to deal with it.

Working on cars.  I wish I knew how to change my own oil.

I wish I knew how to do "man" stuff.  Just feel like I never know what to do and wish I did.  Thank God though, check out YouTube for any questions on how to replace/fix stuff, as it's helped me many times already.

I actually did it...I posted 31 blogs for the 31 days of August! Now, don't plan to see any more for a long time!

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Belinda said...

Thanks for playing! I learned things that are floating around in that head of yours and it was fun!

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