Sunday, December 02, 2012

It's alive!

Hey all, how's it going?  Miss me much?  I haven't felt the need or desire to blog, now that Facebook and Twitter have been a mainstay in my life and only grow every day.  I just don't normally feel the need to ramble on and on like a blog used to be the avenue for any more.  Usually,  a quick 140 character tweet will get my point across, or if, by chance, I want to speak longer and in proper grammer, I'll choose the Facebook route.  I haven't felt any need to get in here and go on and on for some time, but for some reason, the safety of my blog compelled me to come back and write today.  Not a safety that I'm worried about speaking my mind in here, but just the nice quiet safety of knowing that probably no one checks this any more, or at least if they do, it'll be a small number of people.  So I can talk about whatever, and know that everyone who reads this, really knows me, what I'll say, and we'll just go with that.  I know, I'm weird.  I think I'll try and work on getting posts (however long I do this again), to a normal format of one topic per post to help smooth things out for any readers.  With that being said, here we go....

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